Koxka’s Axial Dry Coolers have very low noise levels and consume very little energy. There are 244 models available for different types of cooling applications.

The DHN range features condensers with capacities ranging from 10 kW to 226 kW. Similarly, the condensers of the DCH range offer capacities that range from 23 kW to 874 kW and 4 different speeds: high capacity, low sound levels, silent operation and extra-silent operation.

Finned coils:

Built with copper tubes with a 3/8″ diameter (DHN series), and copper tubes with a 1/2″ diameter (DCH series), manufactured according to CUPROCLIMA specifications, with aluminum corrugated fins. High performance rates can be achieved with these coils.

Every coil has passed a leakage test under a rated pressure of 3,923 kPa (40kg/cm2) and pressurized using ni­trogen at 147 kPa (1.5kg/cm2) in order to avoid the corrosion of the inner surface of the copper tubes.


The structure of the cooling unit’s casing is manufactured in galvanized steel; its external surface is finished with epoxy-polyester and then baked and cured at 180°C, achieving a high protection against corrosion even under extreme environmental conditions. Metallic protection on connections and return bends.

Fans and motors:

Fans have a diameter of 630 mm (DHN series) and 910 mm (DCH series) and they are equipped with external rotor three-phase motors (400V @ 50Hz). Available with high-efficiency EC fans

Fin Material

  • Copper Fins
  • Coated Fins


  • Legs (DHN horizontal)
  • Legs 500, 800 or 1,000 mm. (DCH horizontal)

Electrical Options

  • Wiring into centralized box (included with EC Fans)
  • Shielding
  • Isolator switch
  • 60Hz Fans


  • Blygold Treatment
  • EC Fans
    • 500 or 800 mm legs (DCH series)
    • Semi-sealed or scroll (DCH series)
    • Normal Scroll or Acoustic Insulation (DCH series)