CUBICS (CR-CC)Evaporators


Cubic evaporators have been designed for cooling chambers with refrigerated (CR series) and frozen product (CC series) applications. This range features 25 models, available in cooling capacities from 1,311 W to 16,883 W (fresh products) and from 800 to 14,400 W (frozen products).

Finned coils:

Built using copper tubes with a 1/2” diameter, manufactu­red according to CUPROCLIMA® specifications, with aluminum corrugated fins. High performance rates can be achieved with these coils.

Fin spacing is 4.5 mm (CR series) and 7 mm (CC series).

Every coil has passed a leakage test under a rated pressure of 3,923 kPa (40 kg/cm2) and pressurized using nitrogen at 147 kPa (1.5 kg/cm2) in order to avoid the corrosion of the inner surface of the copper tubes.


The casing structure is manufactured with a plate of aluminum-magnesium alloy (97.5% AI-2.5% Mg) giving it a high protection against corrosion even under extreme environmental con­ditions.

The drip trays and side panels are easy to disassemble from the casework, providing easy and quick access to the inside of the unit.

Fans and motors:

Fans have a 250 mm, 315 mm or 350 mm diameter (depending on the model) and are equipped with single-phase motors (230 V / 50-60Hz) or three-phase motors (230V / 400V @ 50 Hz).

Electric defrosting:

They are shielded with a stainless steel tube and their terminals are vulcanized over it to avoid electric shunts; every heater includes a single ground wire.

They are strategically located across the finned coil in order to achieve suitable and uni­form defrosting.

Electric heaters are included in the CC series and are optional in the CR series.

Fin Material

  • Copper Fins
  • Coated Fins


  • Aluminum
  • Painted
  • Stainless Steel


  • Hot gas defrosting
  • Hot gas defrost in coil and electric defrosting in tray
  • Electric defrosting (only for CR)
  • Water defrosting
  • Fan ring heaters


  • Blygold Treatment
  • High-Efficiency Fans


  • R134a, R404A, R407F, R448A, R449A, R507
  • Glycol Water
  • C02